I'm a Student Why Should I Use FMLT?

Reason #1: Score Higher on Your Exams

Are you scoring low on your legal exams? Ever feel like you just don't get how to take tests? Are you spending more time studying but not scoring higher on your tests?

Don't waste time any longer! Finding a law tutor can save you hours of studying time and finally get you the grades or scores that you deserve!

Law school tests do not test how intelligent you are. Often just figuring out the tips to these tests can help you crack the code. If you do not learn these tips or nuances on how to take the exam you could be spinning your wheels and never get the scores you deserve. Don't waste a second longer trying to figure out how to take your exams - find a tutor who will help you score high on each and every legal test you take.

Reason #2: Make More Money!

Yes it's true: scoring better scores on your exams will help you make more money in your legal career then people who do not score well on their legal tests!

Getting a high score on the LSAT will help you get into the ivy league school of your dreams and get you scholarship money to pay for best or accredited law school. Who wouldn't want to have your law school paid for or to have to pay only a fraction of law school tuition?

Once you are in law school employers hire summer associates on, you guessed it: your grades. And the best paying jobs or internships go to those law school students who have, you guessed it: the top grades. These top intern positions are extremely coveted and can lead to associate position offers after you graduate law school. Who wouldn't want to have a job that paid over $100,000 for their first salaried position out of law school?

And lastly, of course passing the bar is the last obstacle to getting your dream attorney position. Failing the bar can mean thousands of dollars in lost wages and having to retake the test.

So why risk it? Get the top scores each and every time on the LSAT, law school exams, and the bar so that you can move on in your career and get the salary you deserve!

Reason #3: Save Time

Finding the right accredited law school tutor can be time consuming and frustrating. Is the tutor at the top page of my internet search the right tutor for me? Is the tutor who paid a lot for advertising in a newspaper or other ad the right tutor for me? Maybe that tutor is the right tutor for you but maybe not.

There are so many accredited law school tutors around the country. Why limit yourself to potentially the tutors who charge the most? Sometimes tutors who charge more are not always the best tutors. In addition, sometimes tutors who cater to a smaller number of students actually have students who score better then tutors who teach more students.

Looking for the right tutor before FindMyLawTutor could be very time consuming. Internet searches and word of mouth through friend's experiences are not thorough and only give you a couple tutor options. FindMyLawTutor is here to save you time. Look quickly through detailed tutor profiles and contact the tutors who interest you the most in your area. You can also get deals and offers posted on our forum to save you money on tutoring services. Get registered today to get connected with your tutor today!

I'm a Tutor Why Should I Set Up a Tutor Profile?

Reason #1: Save Money

Advertising in law student oriented magazines or legal newspapers can cost you thousands of dollars per year if not per month.

Advertising on campuses for law schools can be time consuming and also costly on flyers and other paper materials. However, FindMyLawTutor costs less than the charge for tutoring one student! The amount of saving on advertising is amazing and with the money that you save on advertising you can work on growing your tutoring services for students!

Reason #2: Reach Targeted Student Audience

Having a tutor profile through FindMyLawTutor is the most important online presence you can have because students on FindMyLawTutor are searching for you!

Don't advertise in newspapers where students may glance your ad or pay for expensive online advertising. FindMyLawTutor is targeted to reach the targeted audience you are looking to teach.

FindMyLawTutor is the only online legal tutor database that allows a student to search tutor profiles to find their tutor. The students on our site need and want your help. 

Reason #3: FMLT Features

Do you want a place to post deals, videos, and advice to students? Ever wish you had a place you could interact with law students to answer their questions? Well now you do!

With the student/tutor forum you can post specials that you are having directly to students. Answer their questions on the legal forum concerning test taking advice and post videos to help students with their studies. FindMyLawTutor is committed in providing an open forum for students and tutors to interact so that tutors can help as many students as possible!

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