General FAQ's

1. What does it Cost to Register with FindMyLawTutor?

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FindMyLawTutor membership of $19.99 for one month or $89.99 for six months subscription to: put your tutor advertising information on our tutor directory, post information to Facebook, Twitter, and Post to Our Blog Article Directory.  You may also sell materials such as video, outlines, books, practice tests and ebooks on our website!

Please contact our website at to receive information about setting up a tutor profile with our company!

With your FMLT tutor listing you will receive:  tutor newsletters, ability to post your tutor information in the FMLT tutor database (this includes optional listing of your address, website, testimonials, price of program, linkedin link, facebook link, twitter link, blog link, and optional ratings), post information on our blog, get interviewed for the FMLT podcast, and send us information to send to students through twitter, facebook, and student newsletter concerning classes, updates, etc.
You may also list and sell your ebooks, videos, outlines, books, and practice tests (selling fees apply, mandatory ratings on products).

FindMyLawTutor is the only website targeted for LSAT, Law School, and Bar Tutors and the students who need them.  So what are you waiting for?  Sign up today!  

2. I'm a Student How Much Do Your LSAT Tutors, Law School Tutors, or Bar Tutors Cost?

Please note that first off FindMyLawTutor does not offer any classes or tutoring programs.  FMLT seeks to provide and connect you with your tutoring options. 

As for how much tutors charge?  Well Legal (LSAT, Law, Bar) Tutors charge differing rates. Some tutors may charge hundreds of dollars and some may charge in the thousands. Price and any payment are negotiated between you and your tutor. Individual tutors often have a price per individual tutoring class that they charge and they may have a minimum of how many classes you will have to take. Other times there can be a package deal for the tutor and they may charge based on the full course which will include examination review materials. Some tutoring profiles will have the costs of their program. Please make sure you understand payment methods and what is included in your payment package before any payments are made. FindMyLawTutor is not involved in anyway in price negotiations, payment of your tutor, or payment disputes.

3. Does FindMyLawTutor screen tutors?

FindMyLawTutor provider options are those that have been selected as FMLT tutors.

Yet, there are some small steps that you can take as a test taker to ensure that your tutor or tutoring program is the right tutor for you. You may consider asking the following questions:

  • How long has the program been in business?
  • How is payment handled?
  • What are your qualifications and credentials?
  • Can I contact any references?

4. Why Use FindMyLawTutor?


FindMyLawTutor is a nationwide database of tutors so that YOU can choose the best tutor to help YOU pass your examinations.

Many tutors can only be found by word of mouth. Still other tutors can be found on the web but they are more then you can afford or they do not teach in your city. Don't rely on your friend's experiences to say who worked or didn't work for them, have the confidence to know that you researched tutors before deciding on the best tutor to help you with your needs, weaknesses, and strengths. Most importantly you need a tutor who you feel comfortable with. FindMyLawTutor lets you browse the most extensive database of tutors there is from the comfort of your own home 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

FindMyLawTutor is the best online resource for finding a LSAT, Law School, or Bar Tutor that there is!


FindMyLawTutor is the only website committed to helping to connect law students with law tutors!  Our only job here at FindMyLawTutor is to connect you with the students who are looking for you to pass and excel at their exams!  FMLT's comprehensive tutor functions and easy website allow you to market your services and reach students in as easy manner as possible!  FMLT allows you to market your services by posting your social media information, allows you to opt-in for ratings on your profile if you choose, list your products, and list your services.     

5. I'm a Student What Do I Need From a Tutor?

While we would love to help you figure out what you need from a tutor only you can decide what kind of tutor will cater to your needs.  Please decide what your needs are from a tutor before reaching out and contacting tutors.  This will help you have meaningful decussions with tutors in terms of price, location, and your needs. 

6. How Long Are Tutoring Courses?

Tutoring Courses can vary in their length. Some tutoring courses may only last a day or a weekend while some tutoring courses may last up to a couple months. If you choose an individual tutor during law school you may even have a tutor for your whole duration of school!  Please ask your tutor what kind of tutoring course options they offer!

7. How Do I Contact My Tutor?

FindMyLawTutor provides a full database to search nationwide tutors for your tutoring needs. Search for your tutor by looking through tutor postings and profiles.

You may email tutors through the FMLT directory - however you will have to call the tutors on your own!

8. How Long Does It Normally Take To Find a Tutor?

How long it takes to find a tutor depends on you.  Once you scroll through tutor profiles it is strongly recommended that you begin researching and contacting tutors immediately so that you will be sure to find a tutor to help you with your exams as soon as possible.

11. How Is Payment Negotiated?

Payment is negotiated between you and your tutor. FindMyLawTutor provides you contact information so that you may contact many tutors and then choose the right tutor for you. Once you choose your tutor be sure to fully understand all the payments required and any contractual terms. It is up to you and your tutor to work out all negotiations for payment including payment amounts and payment methods.

12.  Do Some Tutors Have a Guarantee or Money Back Policy?

Some individual tutors and tutoring programs may have a minor guarantee or money back policy. Please check with your tutor or tutoring program to see their guarantees and/or money back policies.  

For tutor products purchased on FMLT- FMLT provides a 15 day money back refund policy for hardcopy books (please see the FMLT refund policy for tutor products #13).

13.  Shipping Times and Rates on Hardcopy Study Materials

FindMyLawTutor books will be shipped within 7 days (one week including the weekend) of purchase.  FMLT provides flat rate shipping to anywhere in the United States.  Prices listed for study materials include shipping.

14.  Does FindMyLawTutor Do International Shipping for Hardcopy Study Materials?

FindMyLawTutor currently does not do international shipping for hardcopy study materials.  FindMyLawTutor only provides shipping to students who purchase within the United States.  We are sorry for any inconvenience and will keep you updated if we later provide international shipping options!  Students may still purchase study materials which can be downloaded or viewed such as e-books, practice tests, outlines, and videos.

15.  Refunds for Tutor Products 

FindMyLawTutor's general policy is that tutor videos, ebooks, practice tests, books, and outlines are all non-refundable due to the nature of the product.  Students must email to seek a refund and the reason why you are seeking a refund.   

16. Does FindMyLawTutor Guarantee that I will get a high score on my LSAT test, Law school exams, or Pass the Bar?

As much as our agency wants you to succeed on your LSAT test, law school tests, and pass the bar we unfortunately cannot guarantee in anyway that any tutor will guarantee success or improvement in any legal exam. Our agency seeks to help you connect with a tutor who will hopefully help you succeed in your endeavors but there is no guarantee. In addition, FindMyLawTutor is in no way responsible for any actions by the tutors who are listed with our website or any agreements that you may later into with a tutor listed with FindMyLawTutor (please see disclaimers).

17. Can FindMyLawTutor Save Me Money?

Yes! Not only does FindMyLawTutor help save you money but our services can help you earn more money in the future. 

Having a law school tutor can help you score higher on your LSAT test, helping you to get into a better law school and earn more money in the future.

A law school tutor may help you to get better grades which will lead to getting a better job and earning more money in your profession.

And finding a tutor to help you pass the bar will mean not having to wait six months or more to find a job!

Students can also save money on a tutor course by choosing a cheaper course option and save on student loans!

18. I am a Registered But I Forgot My Username and Password?

If you forget your username and/or password and you are registered with FMLT please click the Login right hand link of the screen.  Please click the forgot password link.

19. I'm a Student Will FindMyLawTutor Sell My Personal Information?

FindMyLawTutor does not sell your personal information or transfer your information in anyway. FindMyLawTutor protects your privacy. FindMyLawTutor will not share your information with third parties for marketing purposes or engage in cross-marketing or link-referral programs with other sites. FindMyLawTutor will also not send you unsolicited communications for marketing purposes other then those you have signed up for for FMLT. FindMyLawTutor will keep your email address to authenticate user accounts and provide up to date information to our subscribers. Your information will also be stored on a database server for payment purposes and to contact you. If you access a third party website through our service for a particular tutor or tutoring group we encourage you to read the privacy policy of each website that you visit. FindMyLawTutor is not responsible for any privacy policies of third party links through our website. FindMyLawTutor reserves the right to change our privacy policy at any time, however we will try to keep our customers apprized of any changes to the privacy policy or any other updates through our website.


20. Avoiding Scams or Frauds

FindMyLawTutor cautions each of our users to be careful and avoid scams or frauds. FindMyLawTutor is not involved in any financial transactions including handling any payments, escrow services, or guaranteed financial transactions of any kind. Do not give a tutor any personal information including a social security number, bank account number, or pay/pal information. In addition, when meeting with your tutor try to meet in a public meeting place. Some tutors do conduct tutoring out of their homes, if this is the case make sure to bring a friend or family member and trust your instincts.

If you have any problems try:

  • The Federal Trade Commission toll free hotline: 1-877-FTC-HELP (382-4357)
  • The Federal Trade Commission's online form:
  • Internet Fraud Complaint Center
  • Your local authorities

21. Can I Partner with FindMyLawTutor or Advertise On This Site?

We are always looking for ways to improve and grow our website! If you are looking to partner or advertise with FindMyLawTutor then please contact our agency. Clink on the contact link above and contact us today. We are excited to hear from you!

22. I Have a Question, Comment, Suggestion For FindMyLawTutor?

If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions please do not hesitate to contact our services. Click on Contact Link above or contact us at 

Tutor FAQ's

1. How Much Does it Cost to Post My Tutoring Information with FindMyLawTutor?

FindMyLawTutor is $19.99 for a for a monthly subscription membership or $89.99 for a six month tutor profile membership. With your membership post a LSAT, law school, or bar tutor profile.  Tutors may also sell tutor selling products including ebooks, books, outlines, practice tests, and videos. FindMyLawTutor is a growing nationwide database which students are using to find their LSAT, law school,or bar tutors. Thousands of examination takers are searching the web to find their tutors so don't wait - post your information today!

2.  What Tutor with FMLT Receive:

With your monthly subscription membership you will receive:  tutor newsletters, ability to post your tutor information in the FMLT tutor database (this includes optional listing of your address, website, testimonials, price of program, linkedin link, facebook link, twitter link, blog link, and optional ratings), post information on our blog, get interviewed for the FMLT podcast, and send us information to send to students through twitter, facebook, and student newsletter concerning classes, updates, etc.  

You may also list and sell your ebooks, videos, outlines, books, and practice tests (selling fees apply, mandatory ratings on products).  

FindMyLawTutor is the only website targeted for LSAT, Law School, and Bar Tutors and the students who need them.  So what are you waiting for?  Sign up today! 

3. I am a Tutoring Group/ Company and not An Individual Tutor Can I Still Post With your Services?

Yes!!! FindMyLawTutor is a forum to match not only individual tutors with students but also for students to be able to locate tutoring groups or tutoring classes in their area.

4. I Only Provide Online Tutoring Services Can I still Set Up a Tutor Profile?

Yes! If you are a tutor who only provides online tutoring services you can still post your tutoring services with FindMyLawTutor in fact we encourage it! You do not need to be able to meet with students in person in order for you to post with our website. In fact many students now prefer to correspond with tutors only over the internet so don't hestitate to post your profile today!

5. How Do I sign Up?

Click on the link for Tutor Registration and get started today. You will be asked a series of questions about your tutoring services to set up your profile. Once you finish a series of questions you will be able to post your information and products for potential students to view and purchase.

6. Should I Include All the Cities I Tutor in?

Yes!!! Be sure to be over inclusive in listing the cities that you tutor in so that if a student is searching for a particular city on the first page search browsers they will be able to find your listing.

7. What Qualifications Are Recommended To Post With FindMyLawTutor?

FindMyLawTutor recommends that you have a certain number of qualifications to post with our website. (Each tutor must abide by this Site's Terms of Use). Tutors should have skills in one or all of the examination areas including having taken that test and scored highly on the LSAT, law school exams, or bar examination. In addition, tutors should have course direction, syllabus, and materials to provide their students. Many of our students are looking for tutors who have been or are successful attorneys with years of experience and experts in the tests that they are tutoring. Tutors should be able to provide references for students to call and/or resume. If you feel that you meet our recommended qualifications don't wait! Get started today by starting a profile by clicking on the for tutors link on the left.

8. What Kinds of Information Will I Need to Provide In My Posting?

Tutors will be asked a multitude of questions about their services including whether they are an individual tutor or tutoring program. You should be prepared to post information concerning whether you are in individual or group program, your tutoring hours, your locations, your contact information, some references, and services you provide in addition to other questions. But remember that if you need to you can always come back and edit your profile.

9. How Long Does My Profile Remain Active?

Once you sign up with FindMyLawTutor you will be registered with our agency for as long as you choose to keep your account active. It is recommended that you keep your account current with up to date information so that outdated information will not waste a legal test takers or your time. Please keep your login information in a safe place so that you can manage and access your account 24 hours a day 7 days a week. If you want to cancel your monthly subscription please see canceling your subscription in the above questions (question #2).

10. Can I post a Picture or Logo with My Profile?

You can post a picture or logo with your profile. In fact we recommend that you upload a picture or logo with your posting although it is not required.

LSAT Student FAQ's

1. What is the LSAT?

The LSAT (law school admissions test) is a standardized test that is required to be admitted to all American Bar Association (ABA) approved law schools. The LSAT examination is also required for many non ABA approved law schools. The LSAT test is a half-day test which tests reading and verbal reasoning skills. These skills are considered essential for law school. The LSAT consists of 5 sections: logical reasoning, reading comprehension, logic games, an experimental section, and a writing sample. At the end of taking the LSAT test you will receive a score which many law schools will use as a factor in considering you for law school admission.

2. How is the LSAT scored?

The LSAT is scored on a scale of 120-180. 180 is the highest possible score and 120 is the lowest. The scaled number is based on the number of questions you get right. All questions are weighted equally.

3. Why is the LSAT important?

The LSAT is an important test for admission into law school since it is one of the most important factors law schools look at when determining whether you will be accepted for admission. How well you score will greatly impact your choice of law schools. Law schools often require or recommend that you score a certain number on the LSAT along with looking at other factors for admissions. Even if you take the LSAT again some schools average your scores so it is crucial to get the highest score you can the first time!

4. How Do I Find Out About Information for the LSAT?

If you need to find out information about the LSAT please check the Law School Admissions Council at or contact them directly at 215.968.1001. 

5. How Do I Sign Up for the LSAT?

The LSAT is administered four times a year. As stated previously, you may get up to date information on the LSAT and where to sign up through the law school admissions council at their website The admissions fee stated on the Law School Admissions Council's website is $170 dollars for LSAT registration with an additional $72 dollars for late registration.

6. Is There Anyone Else Who Can Help Me Obtain LSAT information?

If you have any questions please contact the law school that you would like to attend and/or career counselors at your college. Law schools and your career counselors can help you decide whether you would like to attend law school and give you more information about the LSAT and the scores you will need to attend your chosen law schools.

7. What Will An LSAT Tutor Do for Me?

An LSAT tutor will be able to give you practice tests for the LSAT and possible scores for how they expect you will score on the real LSAT examination. In the logic, reasoning, and games section a LSAT tutor will help you learn valuable techniques. LSAT tutors will help you weed out wrong answers, learn how to time the test, master the games section, and identify the right answer. LSAT tutors more importantly will help you and help thousands of students each year score higher on the LSAT then they would have by studying on their own.

8. Do the LSAT Tutors Listed on FindMyLawTutor.Com Specialize in Logical Reasoning, Reading Comprehension, Logic Games, The Experimental Section, or Writing Sample?

Different LSAT tutors specialize in different sections of the exam. However, many tutors for the LSAT will help you with all portions of the exam. You may buy practice examinations books for the LSAT and take a practice test. If you are weak in a particular subject area, you may choose a tutor to focus on that particular area or choose to get a tutor to help you with the whole examination.

Law School FAQ's

1. I am not in Law School Yet, Can I Use a School Tutor?

Yes. Many law school tutors can help you before you even begin law school and help you to maximize your study time to achieve the best grades when you attend law school. Often succeeding in law school isn't about being the "smartest" student but about learning how to study and how to take the exams. Learn how to take lecture notes, learn the IRAC (Issue, Rule, Analysis, and Conclusion) method, and learn how to take the law school tests even before you attend law school. Have a law school tutor who can help you learn effective methods before and during your law school experience so that you will have the confidence to succeed throughout your law school experience.

2. Are law school grades important?

YES! Law school grades are extremely important especially in obtaining your first job and jobs thereafter. Having good grades in law school will open the doors for impressive internship opportunities which can often lead to job offers after law school.

Good grades in law school can also mean getting into the law review at your school. Law review is a student-run organization whose primary purpose is to publish a journal of legal scholarship. Law review members enjoy the opportunity to publish an article in their schools law review publication and are often recruited for the most lucrative and prestigious legal jobs after law school. Therefore, it is extremely important to get high grades in law school so that you can be in the driver's seat when making decisions about your legal career.

3. What can a law school tutor do for me?

A law school tutor will assist you in one particular subject or teach you how to succeed in law school overall. Law school tutors tutor students on how to ace particular law school subjects, to master the IRAC (Issue, Rule, Analysis, and Conclusion) method, and master the exams. Commercial aids and supplements can only provide minimal assistance whereas law school tutors can provide personal attention and answer questions. By spending personalized time on a student's weaknesses either through individual or group tutoring students often see a difference in their grades and a decrease in their law school anxiety!

4. What do Law School Tutors Typically Offer?

School tutors can provide a multitude of services. Law tutors can grade essays online, give you one on one tutoring instruction on essays, offer suggestions in legal writing, issue spotting techniques, practice questions, mnemonics to help you remember the law, concise definitions for rules of law, learn to outline, and learn how to write an "A" on a law school exam. This list of course is just the beginning. Law school tutors can provide these services and many more, just contact our law school tutors and ask for the services that you need!

5. Do the Law School Tutors Listed on FindMyLawSchoolTutor Specialize in Essay Spotting, Note Taking, Legal Research and Writing, and/or the IRAC method?

Again, law school tutors will focus have a variety of focuses and can work with your individual needs. Whether you need individual or group tutoring a law school tutor can work with your particular needs and if you need develop a specialized plan just for you. Make sure to thoroughly talk with your prospective tutor about your weaknesses, needs, and how they plan to strengthen your skills in law school.

Bar Examination FAQ's

1. Am I Eligible To Take the Bar in the State of My Choosing?

Different states have differing requirements for taking the bar examination. Before paying any money or spending any time on bar examination preparation it is important and imperative to know whether you are eligible to take the bar in your chosen state. Many states require that you attend a law school accredited by the Committee of Bar Examiners or approved by the American Bar Association, that you take and have a passing score of the Multistage Professional Responsibility Examination (the score you need will depend on the state you plan to practice in), pass any background checks, and have a social security number.

If you are already a licensed attorney in another state some states allow you to allow take a certain portion of the bar examination (sometimes called the baby bar) or waive into their state entirely by paying a fee and meeting other requirements. It is very important that you make sure that you are first eligible to take the bar and have met all the requirements for that state. To do this it is best to go to your chosen states bar's website or contact them directly. The state bar will have all the information you need to take the bar examination and will be able to tell you if you meet the requirements to take the bar.

2. Should I file an Application to Take the Bar Examination?

Yes. After you have determined that you are in fact eligible to take the bar there are some important steps to take in your journey and the first is to file your application with the bar in the state that you are taking it in. Most states after you have determined that you will be taking the bar require that you file an application. Bar Examination dates normally occur biyearly in the month of February and of July.

To sit for the bar again check your chosen state's state bar website and/or contact them directly and submit an application. Submitting an application is normally fairly easy and can be done in most states by applying online or submitting an application. Remember that there will most likely be application fee to sit for the bar and this fee can be expensive (around $500 in some states). Choosing to use a laptop may increase these fees. Remember to register with the bar by the bar timing filing deadline date.

3. Now I know I'm Eligible to Take the Bar and I've Filed an Application - Why Do I Need a Bar Tutor or Tutoring Program?

So you are eligible to take the bar examination, you have filed your bar examination application. Now it is time to find your tutor.

Tutoring programs and individual tutors can make a world of difference when taking the bar examination. Bar Tutors and tutoring programs can help you in problem areas, simulate bar examination tests, provide one on one individual attention, and provide study course material, test tips, mnemonic devices, and moral support. Some bar tutors and tutoring programs will help you on all parts of the bar examination while others will focus on certain subjects especially for repeat takers. Bar examination tutors and tutoring programs work specifically with your needs and will help you to hopefully achieve your passing score. While a bar tutor or tutoring program is no requirement for taking the bar it should be. Tutors and tutoring programs can help you maximize your time and energy to help you pass the Bar.

4. What Do Bar Tutors Typically Offer?

Bar Tutors differ greatly in the programs that they offer. However, it is most important to narrow down your requirements for a bar tutor and then pick the bar tutor that most closely meets your needs. Bar Tutors can provide one on one tutoring to help you issue spot with essays, spot the correct answer on the MBEs, help with performance exams, and/or complete any special requirements for your bar examination. Bar Tutors can help you work with any particular subject that you are having trouble with and prepare you to pass that essay portion of the bar examination. In addition, Bar Tutors may provide stress management techniques, bar materials, study schedules, test taking tips, mnemonic devices, and/or one on one grading of bar examination areas.

5. Do the Bar Tutors Listed with Your Site Specialize in the MBE portion, Essay Portion, or another Specialized Portion of My State's Bar Examination?

The Bar Tutors listed in the FMLT database specialize in all areas of the bar examination and can help you with one specialized portion of the bar examination or all the areas you may need assistance in. FMLT bar examination listed tutors state which areas they can help you with on the bar examination. Find the bar tutor who can help you with the exact portion of the bar examination that you may be weak in or choose a bar tutor to help you with all portions of your state's bar exam! Whether you need help with the MBEs, the essay portion, or any section specific to your bar examination

6. Do You Have Some Bar Tutors Focus On Repeat Bar Takers?

Individual Bar Tutors and Tutoring Programs sometimes have a focus only on repeat takers. Still other individual bar tutors or tutoring programs focus is on people who are taking the bar for the first time and on repeat takers. While searching for bar tutors or tutoring programs it is recommended that you ask whether the program is focused on first time bar takers, repeaters, or both.

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