Bracci Review of Practice Multiple Choice Questions in Torts, Contracts and Criminal Law

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Bar Exam
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Practice Test


Do you want extra practice on multiple choice questions to help in preparing for final exams, the FYLSE, or he Bar Examination?  This class contains a full length 100 question practice MBE-type test in Torts, Contracts, and Criminal Law, and five hours of detailed explanatory answers to each question by Professor Steve Bracci.  This online session is like a weekend seminar with the nation’s foremost lecturer on the FYLSE.   Enroll today, test yourself, and get on target for success!  Note: students seeking a comprehensive review of Torts, Contracts, and Criminal Law, with checklists, more than 50 hours of lectures, and a full simulated FYLSE (essays and multiple choice questions) should enroll in the complete Bracci/Berman PASS the FYLSE course.