PASS the Bar Exam Writing Course

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Bar Exam
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Practice Test


PASS offers an easy-to-understand online course to help people pass the written portion of the California Bar Exam. This course, a package that includes both PASS the Essays with Grading and PASS the Performance Test with Grading, provides several dozen hours of lectures and workshops to prepare students for success on the essay and performance test portions of the California Bar Exam.  Learn logical approaches to analyze fact patterns. Test yourself with hypotheticals, and submit essay and performance test writing assignments for grading and comments. PASS The Bar Writing Course is a great supplemental review course during bar review.  Enroll in 3L or 4L to get an early “jump start” on bar success while still in law school. And, PASS The Bar Writing Course is a must for anyone repeating the bar exam. Save $95 by purchasing these courses as a package.