Design your own personal or group LSAT Prep Program using the STEPS resources and the Barron's LSAT Prep Book.

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What's Included in the STEPS Program?

  1. Barron’s LSAT Prep Book - STEPS is based on the advanced strategies in Barron's.
  2. Student Study Manual – Highly structured, day-by-day instructions on exactly what to do and how to study for two months or longer.
  3. Local and Online Study Groups – Connect through the STEPS Dashboard.
  4. Optional Local Classroom Program – Organize a live LSAT class series in your area without needing an LSAT instructor, using our Proctor's Manual.
  5. OptionalBuddy System - Keep each other going when things get tough.
  6. Solution of the Week - Detailed explanations for solving an actual LSAT question.
  7. Audio Library – Close to 300 recordings of one-on-one tutorials on actual LSAT questions conducted by Jay Cutts with prelaw students. Provides in-depth analysis of common errors and of problem-solving strategies.
  8. Online Dashboard – Keep track of progress. Find study partners. Share insights. Ask questions. Chat. Access all your study materials from one site.
  9. Booklet - How to Get Accepted to Law School – A Take-Charge Approach – Advanced insights on the Personal Statement and other admissions strategies