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FindMyLawTutor is a nationwide database of LSAT, Law School, Bar Exam Tutor profiles! FindMyLawTutor is a website committed to helping struggling law students find a LSAT, law school, or bar exam tutor to help law students pass their legal exams.

If you are a law tutor who wants to reach a targeted audience of students looking for an LSAT, law school, or bar exam tutor then this is the website for you. FindMyLawTutor was built to help the law tutor community reach struggling law students and help them pass their exams. FindMyLawTutor knows how hard it is for students to find law tutors and wants to connect law students and law tutors in as easy a process as possible.

What's Included in my FMLT Profile? 

Join the law tutor database of over 150 law tutor profiles.  Tutor profiles include information about your course, email information, phone number, cost of program, and whether you tutor a student individually or in a group setting.  Include social media links and connect with students on the FMLT forum.  Students will also be able to email you from the FMLT website. Lastly, tutors can include their study materials (mandatory selling fees apply).

FindMyLawTutor is currently $19.99 a month or $89.99 for a six month tutor profile subscription (Your profile is subject to FMLT discretion).

With your FMLT tutor profile you may upload a LSAT, law school, and/or bar exam profile. Make the profile as detailed or as basic as you like. Feel free to also upload free test taking information on our student forum so students can see basics about your course and/or any deals that you will be offering. 

Once your profile is uploaded students will be able to contact you once they sign up for their student membership. Students will be able to email you through the website and they will be able to choose you as their tutor if they feel your course is right for them.

Let FindMyLawTutor help you reach and tutor as many students as possible - sign up with FindMyLawTutor today!

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