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The LSAT test is the first test you will take in your law career and it is one of the most important.  The LSAT test is an entry exam to get into law school.  Getting a high score on the LSAT can mean getting into the law school of your dreams, scholarships, and even potential Ivy League school entry.  However, not scoring well on the LSAT can mean being denied at law schools or not getting into an accredited law school.  This can in turn mean having a harder time finding a job in the future.


Once a law student is in law school it is equally important to do well on law school exams and pass the bar. Scoring well on law school exams and having the highest grade in your class can mean having offers at law firms which pay well into the hundreds of thousands of dollars per year.

Then, of course, it is important to pass the bar so you can practice law. Failing the bar can cost thousands of dollars in retaking the exam and lost wages. It is also harder to find a job the more times you fail the bar.


However, there is help out there for your legal exams!

FindMyLawTutor is a nationwide database of tutors committed to helping you do well on your exams. FindMyLawTutor has over 150 nationwide tutor profiles to help you pass and excel at your exams. Tutor profiles include the information you need when researching a legal tutor. Tutors can include their name, email address, mailing address, how much they charge, website information, testimonials, social media links, and whether they tutor in a group or individual setting.  Feel free to email tutors and connect to tutors' websites with the FMLT database!

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