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Our Vision

At FindMyLawTutor (FMLT) we envision that LSAT, Law School, and Bar Takers nationwide will have law test taking options whether it be in a group our individual setting.

To help make this vision a reality FindMyLawTutor offers a nationwide database of LSAT, Law School, and Bar Tutors. FindMyLawTutor also offers tutor study materials for self-study or to work in conjunction with legal tutors for success in all legal exams.

Our Mission

We are committed to providing tutoring options and study materials so that students will reach their highest potential whether it be in Scoring Higher on the LSAT, Acing Their Legal Exams, or Passing the Bar!

Whether you are on a shoestring tutoring budget or the budget is unlimited, FindMyLawTutor wishes to provide study materials and tutoring options in as painless a process as possible. FindMyLawTutor also hopes for repeat bar takers to pass the bar and make their dreams of becoming a lawyer a reality.

Our Core Values

  • To provide tutoring options and study materials for all LSAT, Law School, and Bar Students
  • To help repeat bar takers become lawyers
  • To assist out of state bar takers pass the bar in the state of their choosing
  • To assist students in scoring higher on the LSAT and Law School exams in hopes that they receive scholarship aid, law school options, and admission to law review for greater career options after law school

Our History

For more than 4 years FindMyLawTutor has been helping to connect law tutors and law students. The business was launched in 2010. Su Dalal saw the need for a quick and easy database to browse LSAT, Law School, and Bar Tutor providers.

Since then Su has had the privilege to talk and meet with dedicated law tutors and speak with students to help provide better options for students taking legal exams. At FindMyLawTutor our website hopes to provide tutoring and study material options and more importantly a study aid community so that students can focus on what they really need to do - study!

How FMLT was Born:

Sumita DalalFounder, Su Dalal, was sitting where you are sitting right now - as a law student. Studying for exams was never quite easy and law school exams were a struggle. Then came the one day that changed everything - the day she failed the bar.

Failing the bar was one of the most devastating, crushing, and heartbreaking experiences of her life. Not only was she aware that she would have to wait another six months before getting a job but she knew that she didn't have the money to continue taking the exam. She had to pass the second time around or she wouldn't be a lawyer.

Finding a bar tutor was grueling back in those days. There was not one resource before FindMyLawTutor where someone could compare and contact tutors in a quick and easy manner. Su spent a month calling, researching, and comparing tutors before deciding upon her bar tutor, Dennis Higa.

Taking the bar the second time was grueling, but armed with the knowledge from her tutor Su passed the bar the second time and thus FindMyLawTutor was born.

We know how hard it is to take exams. But FindMyLawTutor also knows that it is more important to get it right the first time or correct your mistakes quickly so you can succeed. This is why FindMyLawtutor wants to help you find the right tutor that works for you in as painless a process as possible.

Su Dalal with FUBU Entrepreneur and Shark Tank Co-Star Daymond John

Su Dalal with FUBU Entrepreneur and Shark Tank Co-Star Daymond John

Let FindMyLawTutor help you in finding the right tutor and study materials for you!

Good Luck!

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